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Musings from the Managing Director

“Our relentless dedication to excellence and adherence to our core values have been the driving forces behind our rapid growth. We take immense pride in our accomplishments in reliably delivering chemical perfection to esteemed institutions, all while being committed to environmental sustainability.

As the Managing Director of OC Specialities Chemicals, I am honored to take this journey forward with a wonderful team of dedicated individuals. The future holds exciting possibilities, and I am thrilled to embark on the next chapter of success.”

- Pushpak Shah (Managing Director)

Our Vision

To exceed customer expectations in reliably delivering cost efficient and best quality products through a robust distribution network and keep setting new standards in chemical distribution.

Our Mission

To become the preferred global supply chain partner of esteemed chemical organizations and be recognized for our excellence by accelerating our distribution potential to meet the requirements of our partners.

Touching Lives with Our Core Values


The harmony and accomplishments that stems from bringing together different individuals and teams with their unique capabilities.


To excel through quality and gratify our clients by solving and evolving chemistry every day; not because we have to, but because we love to.


To embrace every change by calibrating to the necessities of a rapidly evolving and advancing world, and lead the path in an ever-challenging industry.


To ensure holistic well-being of everyone around us by being accountable, and taking ownership for one’s decisions, actions, and behaviour.


To be actively conscious of every individual and team actions that lead to longevity of business and sustainability of mother earth.


To practise our ethics and principles at every step to personify a keen sense of integrity in all our dealings, keeping our heads high and feet grounded.

Our Leaders

A team of devoted experts, bringing a meaningful change in the world we live in.

Mr. Pushpak Shah,

Managing Director

Mr. Manish Shah


Mr. Nitin Kulkarni


Mr. Vikas Shah


Core Team

The engine house of our organization, powering us to scale newer heights every day.

Mr. Sasanka Das

VP of Business Development

Mr. Namdev Patil

Head of Personal Care

Mr. Ritesh Vora

GM Marketing

Creating Bonds through Chemistry

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